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Louisville Kentucky Digital Imaging Companies

The companies listed below provide document imaging solutions for Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas.


Imaging Office Systems Inc (ky)

Louisville, KY
Sales Contact: John Trimble
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Imaging Office Systems, Inc.

Imaging Office Systems (IOS) is one of the largest and most technically sophisticated document conversion companies in the United States.  This high degree of technical acumen and scope is a direct result of IOS being a leading system integrator for a variety of document imaging systems with hundreds of installations.  This translates into an ability to handle all types of documents, all varieties of deliverables, data merges, and uploads to existing imaging systems as well as extensive experience with business process outsourcing or BPO. IOS is also staffed with an in-house Professional Services Group that specializes in older or legacy system conversions, programming and consulting.

With its footprint of four separate conversion facilities, all operating identically, IOS is able to convert over five million images per month, from any media to any media.  Performing these services since 1972, knowledge of applications and regulatory compliance requirements is IOS’s stock in trade and they share their expertise with their very diverse client base.  Document Management is the sole core competency for IOS with 100% of their revenue coming from it.


Underground Vaults & Storage Inc. (KY)

1841 Taylor Avenue Suite #107
Louisville, KY 40213
Sales Contact: Lois Herrmann
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Underground Vaults and Document Scanning Center:

The Move to Digital

Our document imaging solutions will allow your business to cut costs and streamline operations. The move to digital saves time, space, and is eco-friendly. Many companies have yet to make the leap. The reasons to procrastinate are many, but usually revolve around cost and time.UVS has exhausted considerable effort to make the process fast, easy, and cost effective.

The Benefits are Real and the Process is Easy

From scanning, indexing, recognition and file conversion to document retrieval, we offer multiple scalable and affordable solutions. We work closely with you to develop a strategy to ensure digitization meets your current and future needs.


Also serves Crestwood, Jeffersontown, Middletown, St. Matthews, Northfield, Fairdale, Prospect, Valley Station, Deer Park, Sellersburg, Shawnee Park, Shively, Shelbyville

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