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Patient Document Imaging Companies Serving Sacramento

The following are normal patient imaging requests our customers have made. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the medical records scanning association in Sacramento.

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"We are in need of a company to scan 10 years of medical records in Sacramento, due to storage issues."

"From time to time, we receive large medical record files (1,000-2,000 page), in hard copy that need to be scanned into electronic format. What is your cost per page scanned in Sacramento."

"We are a medical group in Sacramento interested in a price for scanning patient charts. We would prep the charts by removing all staples, etc. We have approximately 75 standard banker boxes of charts to be scanned."

"We have a surgery center south of Sacramento that is interested in document imaging. They have roughly 125 small banker boxes of records that need to be digitized. "

"We need to scan dental charts and xrays just outside of Sacramento."

"I am looking for a company close to Sacramento that provides scanning services. We are a billing company that scans all the medical billing records in house at the moment. Please send me information and quotes if possible."

Lost and Misfiled Medical Charts in Sacramento , Which Is a Common Problem With Paper Documents, Does Not Happen With Scanned medical charts

Once a chart is retrieved from the medical chart room or medical chart cabinets, then you have to count on employees and medical practitioners to efficiently and timely return the patient medical chart to the storage location room or medical chart cabinets. In addition, when the chart is checked out, it must also be properly protected to remain in compliance with HIPAA. The medical chart must be locked away. When the medical chart is no longer needed, it must be remedical chartd in the proper place. Lost medical charts can be over 15% of the medical charts checked out. Scanned documents are always there on-line.


Who Scans Records in Los Angeles

Our member companies in Los Angeles are engaged in serving our clients with safe digital imaging and management solutions. Our associates are familiar with the challenges of maintaining the reliability and privacy of document management system while keeping up the legal requirements set forth by HIPAA, FACTA and other laws. We can suggest to you a perfect imaging, storage and management solution after analyzing your business needs.

If you want to know what other projects we have done, please read actual requests from prospects just like you.

  • Need information on Scanning project
  • We are a new car retailer nad are looking for a storage solution for our work orders. we have about 20, 5 drawer file cabinet
  • I would like to receive a quote. Would you tell me how much your scanning services would be to scan 3425 D size drawings to a .TIFF format
  • We have over 20 years of paper files we would like to convert to CD's. How much would that cost and do you travel to San Antonio
  • I have a file scanning job of approximately 1,000,000 pages. We are looking to get some quotes to determine our cost associated with such a project
  • I have 150-200 file boxes to scan. How much will it cost and how long will it take?
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Scanning Service Companies in Louisville

Being reputable scanning service providers in Louisville, our members are able to offer cutting-edge services including electronic data retrieval, file management, authorized data removal, storage and more. We are engaged in offering on-site and off-site services at the lowest possible prices. Call us for a free consultation and to learn how we can enhance your productivity and change the way you deal with your documents.

These are representative of the types of projects our members have been completing for years. Please call the members in your area for a competitive quote now

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  • I'm interested in a quote for scanning services. Rough estimate - 100 letter size file boxes
  • I was wanting to get a price quote on what it would cost to get some scanning done.
  • am interested in getting a quote on scanning some files.
  • would like to get price quotes on each different paper sizes for scanning. We are currently working on an inventory of all our documents to be scanned. This includes alot of large drawings too.
  • am evaluating the feasibility of scanning church records. I anticipate 15 to 20 boxes, possibly more. These are standard "banker" boxes. Information has potential of being highly sensitive so confidentiality is a must
  • We are looking to scan about 10,000 pages so we can make some room in our office for new files. I'm wondering what all would be necessary for us to do that, and an idea on cost.


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Who Scans Documents in Miami

File hosting and scanning are the forte of our digital imaging associates in Miami. Some popular services of our member companies are -

  • Custom services for all industries including education, medical, corporate and more.
  • Facility to provide OCR in Miami
  • Capacity to scan documents in large amounts
  • Web-hosting
  • Affordable pricing in Miami

Read the quotes below from other companies like you who are getting ready to implement a "paperless" office. Contact the member of the association in your area now to start your project.

  • We are trying to gear up for a massive (at least for us) digital conversion job and was wanting to discuss pricing options. Please have someone e-mail me and then can communicate from there
  • Need pricing information for 1 time document purging project. Estimated between 50 and 75 banker boxes stacked on pallets
  • Document Imaging Solution in Miami
  • I am looking for a quote from your company to have you guys scan into electronic documents 200 boxes of paperwork (box size, paper box).
  • My company may possibly want to scan a large number of documents (approx 10 4-drawer files full). I have no idea what something like that would cost or involve so I would like a quote and how it's done and how the files are electronically stored.
  • I am looking for scanning/imaging service provider in TN, for scanning project at Miami, FL. If you interested please call me or reply me asap in Miami?

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