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File Scanning in Oklahoma City

In close coordination with our customers in Oklahoma City, the members of Document Scanning Companies of America develop and implement processes that minimize costs while ensuring a turnaround time that meets or exceeds their needs and expectations. Most members of the association provide some or all of these scanning services:

  • 100% assured quality
  • Onsite, offsite & mobile scanning services
  • Solutions for both small and large formats
  • Microfilm and Microfiche conversion
  • Data improvement/ categorization / analytical coding
  • Efficient data management / hosting facility
  • Safe data storage
  • Records preservation
  • Consulting
  • Safe file demolition

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The direct quotes below are the answers to the question, "What Can We Do For You". These are the actual answers to that question by others who are looking for a scanning solution. If you want to start an document imaging project, call the members in your area for a free quote now.

    • Our department comes across abandoned records that need to be shredded but we would need them scanned prior to being shredded. can you go to various locations on an irregular basis to scan these documents
    • Foundation is about to bring up the Grants department on Perceptives ImageNow Document Management system.We would like to accurately and effectively scan the contents of our existing paper folders which contain up to 30 unique document types
    • We are looking for someone to come on a weekly basis, scan and returned in a timely manner. We are also looking into the cost of purchasing a machine and or software and doing ourselves. Weekly there would be upwards of two file drawers.
    • I am looking to get pricing on some large scanning projects. How do you charge? Do you pick up? Can i give specific details
    • We have approximately 600 boxes of closed adoption records to scan. Each box holds about 20 records Each record will be approximately 100 pages. The records will need to be prepared removing staples, paper clips, etc. We request a 5 % Quality
    • have two banker boxes of documents I need to pick up from a company and have scanned later this week. I'm estimating it will be around 6,000 pages. They will need to be scanned to media. Could you handle this and please give a price quote?
    • Call about scanning old client files for easy access and dispose/destroy afterwardsin Oklahoma City . Volume may increase as the files are reviewed.
    • I need to have approximately 3000-4000 documents (in binders or bound)that need to be scanned into a disc in Oklahoma City . How long will it take for you to complete this job and what's the estimated price? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.
    • I am looking to get a quote for scanning 50-100 boxes of back dated minutes/note from previous Board Meetings. Please call or email me in Oklahoma City ."