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What is the cost to store your records or should you have them scanned?

A whole box of files can usually be stored for less than 50 cents per month.  Suppose it costs $200 to scan a box of 100 files.  However, the whole box can be stored for less than 50 cents per month paid monthly.  You can store the whole box for many years for the cost of scanning one file. The cost of scanning the files is also paid up front, which is sometimes a cash flow burden.

However, the true cost of storing files is also determined by how many times a file is retrieved.  If a file is retrieved often, then you might want to scan.  Many record storage companies offer the ability to "scan on demand".  That is a situation where you call to retrieve a file and the record storage company scans that file and emails it to you at that time.  Then only one of the files of the box is scanned, rather than the whole box. 

Call the record storage companies in your area for a free quote for the cost of all their services.  Talk with them about how often you retrieve files and what is the best solution for you.

Other costs to consider in the scanning versus professional off-site storage.

What is Cost to Scan Medical Charts?

It has become necessary for every clinic, hospital and medical practice to maintain and preserve records of every patient in a safe and reliable manner. They should have documents related to patient’s evolution, medical check-ups, and treatment, etc. These records should be preserved for at least 10 years. The best way to deal with loads of medical records, and medical charts, etc. is to employ current medical records scanning methods so that documents can be saved in the form of computer files. This will help in indexing the records resulting in quick retrieval and safety.

When it comes to the price of patient records scanning, it depends on a number of simple factors.

  • Are there documents in the file printed on both sides
  • Are there unusual documents in the file such as
    • Sticky notes
    • EKG charts
    • XRAYS
  • Are the documents stapled, clipped or bound together
  • How many pages are there in the charts

Are the electronic patients files going to be indexed. Invite the medical document scanning companies you chose to come and examine your patient medical charts in order to get an accurate cost of scanning.

Are There Companies Who Will Scan For You In Your Office

By hiring capable medical scanning service providers who can provide you with an efficient Electronic Medical Records System, the work load can be decreased and quality of customer care can be improved.

However, we realize it is sometimes impossible to let your medical records leave your office to be transported to the scanning service bureau. Now, you can hire a scanning service which will bring their scanners along with professional and experienced scanning personnel to your facility. Hiring such service provider is a practical solution to lighten your workload and increase office competence. The experts will take care of your medical scanning needs. They will work for you at your clinic or hospital to match-up your requirements within the given time frame. Since their employees work for the scanning company, there will be no temptation to pull them away from the scanning job to perform other tasks.

They utilize cutting-edge software, equipment and software to convert every record from paper to digital computer files. All kinds of papers including medication prescription, consultation reports, test reports, progress notes and discharge reports and more can be converted in electronic medical records so that you can use them in future. Once you hire a service provider to convert your charts into electronic medical records system, there is no need to buy any kind of equipment or software. It ultimately means, you can save lots on money.

Hiring a service provider who can scan for you in your office is a good alternative for those who do not want to outsource the work because of safety concerns or other issues. The cost and headache of pick-up and deliver can be also be saved by hiring such service providers. Since all the medical records are stored digitally, doctors and other staff can access the data whenever and wherever required.


  • Get better control of your business
  • Advanced customer care services
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Increased revenue

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