Cost of Document Scanning in Minneapolis

The following are normal scanning requests our customers have made. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the scanning association in your area now.

  • I am interested in finding out more about the services you offer and price ranges for same. We currently have a need for storage space, and I think the possibility of scanning our storage files and putting them onto CD's may be just the solution
  • I have approximately 15 letter size storage boxes of documents that I'd like scanned into PDF format to be stored electronically. What would this cost
  • Do you do large format scanning? 24"X36" and how much do you charge for scanning and a CD of the tifs
  • I have a wide variety/sizes of images to be scanned. Do you have any size restrictions (what is too large?), how do you determine the cost of your services, and can you scan documents that are bound in a book? Thank you in advance for your assistance
  • Interested in your services and inquiring on cost of services and procedures as well as productivity and capability of handling private non-profit information through your service
  • would like a quote on document imagine for our institution

Price of Scanning Patient Charts in Indianapolis

The following are normal patient imaging requests our customers have made in Indianapolis. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the medical records scanning association in your area now.

"We have about 10,000 patient files in Indianapolis of varying sizes, but averaging around 65 pages per and mostly all single-sided letter-sized. We would need b&w scans to PDF and would not need to be able to text search the entire document. "

" I own a small computer company in Indianapolis specializing in medical billing. I have some clients who are interested in document scanning for their medical records. I am researching to get them quotes. What do you charge per page? Please send me some pricing information."

" We are looking for a company in Indianapolisto scan our archived documents to searchable digital format. We have approximately 10 pallets of records at this time with more being added daily. "

"Chiropractic. Looking to see the costs of scanning files into computer in downtown Indianapolis. Currently using Electronic Documentation and would like to consider scanning patient files into their computer file. "

"Need quotes for document scanning near Indianapolis (Medical records)"

"Have 8 medical record boxes and wanted to get a quote on how much it would cost to scan these documents by Indianapolis."

The Digital Imaging members of the association in Indianapolis are your specialists for document imaging and file hosting service

  • Serving all industries
  • High Volume Scanning, OCR, Coding, Quality Assurance
  • Document hosting available or upload into most document management systems
  • Flat Fee pricing available

Typical Motivation for Starting Medical Documents Imaging in Indianapolis

CHART SHARING: Do you need to consult with other practitioners and therefore wish they could be looking at the same patient file as you at the same time?

SERVICE: Does it take too much time to retrieve a patient file. Would you like the Charts to be at your fingertips in the computer?

SPACE: Are you out of area and to continue to grow, do you need a special file system such as a rolling file system, which is very expensive?

COST: Would you like to reduce your overall costs of storage space instead of acquiring more office space for medical Documents storage?

SECURITY: Are your patient Charts safe in their current storage location or do a number of unauthorized people have access to your charts? Those unauthorized personnel include the night custodian service, machine repair people, temps, and other unauthorized staff?

THE LAW: Are you in compliance with the various privacy laws such as HIPAA or GLB or Facta?

DISASTER RECOVERY: If you had a disaster such as a hurricane, flood or fire, are your current documents protected?

New Jersey Patient Document Imaging Solutions

Hospitals, clinics and doctors offices have been starting scanning programs for years in New Jersey. The first step many of them made was to contact a member of the association. These are the types of jobs they needed to complete. Please call the members of the association in your area now and tell them what you need to have done.

"Could someone contact me about scanning large amounts fo medical charts? They are located in central New Jersey."

"We need to have approximately 1700 patients chest x-ray films scanned close to New Jersey."

"Do you scan medical records into an existing EMR system? If so, what would be the cost of scanning in New Jerseyof about 300 to 500 medical records with an average of 10 pages per chart"

"Multi-specialty practice in New Jersey. Converting from paper to Electronic, need to have patient's charts scanned. Need a proposal."

"Retiring from his medical practice. We are looking into scanning and archiving about 16,000 patients' records of 40 pages/record on the average. Please provide an estimate for the job in New Jersey."

"Please email your pricing for document scanning, ocr and any other hosting and content management related to the healthcare industry and hipaa compliance. We are considering local companies close to New Jerseyfor an upcoming scan project of between 75 and 125k documents."

If your documents in New Jersey are hard or even impossible to find and seem better at eating up valuable space and dollars than recording important information, we can make your documents do the job for which they were created.

  • Produce any records on demand
  • Speed up customer service
  • Reduce paper-handling
  • Virtually eliminate the cost of filing personnel and storage space
  • Keep company data in a safe, secure place
  • Keep a complete trail of who accessed which documents and when

Costs Reduced in New Jersey By Chart Scanning

The following are a list of costs with are eliminated once you start scanning.

  • create (label, package, copy) charts
  • file the medical records upon creation
  • retrieve charts (quadruple cost for lost or misfiled files)
  • refile document
  • ship some documents
  • fax some documents

Patient Document Imaging Companies Serving Sacramento

The following are normal patient imaging requests our customers have made. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the medical records scanning association in Sacramento.

"We are in need of a company to scan 10 years of medical records in Sacramento, due to storage issues."

"From time to time, we receive large medical record files (1,000-2,000 page), in hard copy that need to be scanned into electronic format. What is your cost per page scanned in Sacramento."

"We are a medical group in Sacramento interested in a price for scanning patient charts. We would prep the charts by removing all staples, etc. We have approximately 75 standard banker boxes of charts to be scanned."

"We have a surgery center south of Sacramentothat is interested in document imaging. They have roughly 125 small banker boxes of records that need to be digitized. "

"We need to scan dental charts and xrays just outside of Sacramento."

"I am looking for a company close to Sacramento that provides scanning services. We are a billing company that scans all the medical billing records in house at the moment. Please send me information and quotes if possible."

Lost and Misfiled Medical Charts in Sacramento , Which Is a Common Problem With Paper Documents, Does Not Happen With Scanned medical charts

Once a chart is retrieved from the medical chart room or medical chart cabinets, then you have to count on employees and medical practitioners to efficiently and timely return the patient medical chart to the storage location room or medical chart cabinets. In addition, when the chart is checked out, it must also be properly protected to remain in compliance with HIPAA. The medical chart must be locked away. When the medical chart is no longer needed, it must be remedical chartd in the proper place. Lost medical charts can be over 15% of the medical charts checked out. Scanned documents are always there on-line.


Video Scanning Solutions in Sacramento

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